: MM3D printing’s unique 3D printed printhead design

Multimaterial 3D printing makes complex objects, fast

While 3D printing is fantastic, it is slow. The task of printing a specific multilateral object with the size of the grapefruit might take 115 days. But this could soon be over thanks to the new technique. The technique supports printing, including up to eight different inks within a short time. This owes to the unique printheads that can smoothly change inks for up to fifty times in a second.

An innovative Volkswagen gearshift knob created on the HP Metal Jet - Image Copyrights HP

Best 10 Industries Using 3D Print Technology for Product and Services in 2018, 2019 and 2020

Updated: 24.07.2020 3D Print Technology and Business Industries overview Manufacturing as we know it is experiencing immense flux thanks to the miraculous 3D printing technology that helps you create digital three-dimensional models using an additive computer controlled approach. 3D printing particularly helps industries or processes that are heavy on customisation and involve complex geometries. Let…